See below for some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the annual awarding of grants by the George G. and Alva Hudson Smith Foundation.

How will I know when the grant application process begins?
An announcement will be made in the local newspapers of Hill County on or before August 1 each year.

What kinds of grants does the Smith Foundation consider?
The Foundation will consider requests for operating budgets, special projects, building and capital campaigns, research, and academic scholarships.

Who MAY apply for a Smith Foundation grant?
The Smith Foundation will consider requests for funding from an organization that is classified as a 501(c)(3) or a 501(c)(13) entity in the Internal Revenue Service Code as said code is amended or replaced; a political subdivision or governmental entity, or a corporation organized under the Texas Non-­Profit Corporation Act.

Who MAY NOT apply for a Smith Foundation grant?
The Smith Foundation will not consider requests for funding from an entity outside the State of Texas; an organization seeking operating support on a continual basis; an individual; a religious organization; or an organization seeking support for fund-raising events or activities.

Can organizations located outside of Hill County apply for a grant?
In considering requests for funding, the Foundation places priority on organizations and programs serving Hill County. Requests from outside the county are not encouraged and should be initiated with a letter of inquiry.

Where can I find the Application Guidelines and required application documents?
They can be found at smithfoundationhillcounty.org under the Application Documents menu.

When can I submit a grant application?
Applications can be submitted between August 1 and September 1 each year.

How do I turn in application materials?
They can be mailed to:
The George G. and Alva Hudson Smith Foundation
P. O. Box 1245
Hillsboro, TX 76645
They can also be delivered to Ms. Becky Sanders, the Foundation’s Administrative Assistant, at the Citizens National Bank in Hillsboro.

Can I submit application materials online through the Smith Foundation website?
No. Application materials must be submitted in hard‐copy form.

Do I need to make multiple copies of the application materials?
Yes. The Foundation requires five copies of grant application materials.

What are the criteria used for selecting grant recipients?
The grants are chosen primarily on how well the project fits the Smith Foundation mission:
to enrich the lives of citizens of Hill County, Texas. The foundation focuses on, but is not limited to, programs that benefit the health, education, and welfare of the underprivileged and seeks to support programs that address basic human needs in a caring and efficient manner. The Foundation invites bequests and contributions from individuals and organizations that share its objectives.

How and when will I be notified whether or not my organization receives a grant?
All applicants will be notified in writing of the action taken by the Foundation on their requests. If your organization has been selected as a grant recipient, the contact person on the cover sheet will also receive a call from Foundation staff. These notifications are usually done in late September.

Is there paperwork required if my organization is selected for a grant?
Yes. An authorized representative of the organization must sign a contract specifying the grant requirements, including the timeline for completing the requested project and the documentation/ publicity plan. This must be done before any funds are distributed.

Is any follow‐up work required of my organization if it is selected as a grantee?
Yes. A representative of the organization must notify the Foundation when the project is completed. In addition, recipients are expected to email 3-­5 digital photographs of the project to the Foundation as specified in the contract: (smithfoundationhillcounty@gmailcom).